An artist who is most at home in peaceful, wild, lonely places and that filters through into the art in various ways. Inspiration comes from music, from nature, from the Scottish Highlands and Islands and from issues I care about. Energy is drawn from the great outdoors as well as music and some of that positive energy inevitably has an art effect.

Mostly I work with watercolours and sometimes mixed media but always in a very individualistic style experimenting with techniques and textural effects as well as playing with colour to evoke atmosphere. I often paint to the music that inspires me so there will always be that wee bit extra soul and energy in the artwork. The music opens a doorway that inspires the art and I just go where it leads me, which is usually to some evocative and atmospheric art.

Artwork can be found in private collections throughout the UK as well as some in the USA, Canada and Sweden. Work has been exhibited in mixed and open exhibitions at various locations in the UK including Inverness, Orkney, Edinburgh and London as well as in solo exhibitions in Cheshire and Staffordshire.